5 Tips for Starting 2017 with Peace of Mind

5tipsConsider yourself lucky if your business wasn’t the victim of theft or a holiday-related accident. That’s because the highest level of theft claims reported to insurers happen in December. There’s a spike in electrical fires, bad weather increases the risk of natural disasters, and something trivial like a slip-and-fall suit could harm your business or reputation. Continue reading

The Case of the Fishy Tank

caseoffishyLavish, private aquariums have become a fashionable trend in recent years amongst the rich and famous. Many celebrity enthusiasts ranging from Chad Ochocinco to Lady Gaga, and even Steven Spielberg (appropriately the director of Jaws) have fueled interest in this unique decorative hobby. The trend has even spawned the reality TV show “Tanked,” which showcases a group that makes custom fish tanks for collectors that cost well into six figures. Continue reading

The Case of the Sea Unicorn’s Tusk

narwhalOur Select specialists are often called in to assist in the valuation of some of the most esoteric items one can imagine. In this case, we were called in to appraise an item out of legend – the tusk of a “Sea Unicorn,” better known as a narwhal. In actuality, though they are endangered, narwhals are not creatures of fantasy like their storybook peer the unicorn. Continue reading

The Case of the 18 Waterlogged Rugs

rugblogEnservio Select was recently asked to determine feasibility of restoration or conservation as well as the replacement values for 18 rugs damaged in a water loss.  Color runs, discoloration and stains were among the types of damage incurred. Seller information, origin of manufacture and rug dimensions were compiled and laid out as part and parcel of the inventory capture.  Continue reading

Climbing for leadership: A Q&A with Everest explorer Alison Levine

2-22-16aClimbing Mount Everest taught Alison Levine how to lead a team in even the toughest of environments.  Alison Levine was team captain of the first American Women’s Mount Everest Expedition and is the author of a New York Times bestseller on leadership. No stranger to punishing environments, she skied both the North and South Poles, survived subzero temperatures, hurricane-force winds, avalanches and a career on Wall Street. Continue reading

Would you pay $180,000 for a golf club?

golfblogValuing golf equipment can take as much concentration as the game itself

With the RSM Classic in Georgia just behind us, we thought it would be a good time to share some information about the complexities of valuing golf equipment. While some golfers have hand-me-down golf clubs from family members or have purchased clubs at a yard sale for $50, most golfers spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars for a set of golf clubs. And then there are those golf enthusiasts with golf clubs manufactured in a different century – some are collectibles, others just ancient but not so valuable. Continue reading