Winning With Offense

Anyone following this year’s Boston Red Sox knows that the best defense is a good offense (when pitching and fielding are down, run production can help you pull out the win). This is of course true both on and off the field. For carriers, it can mean advising policyholders to take the necessary actions to prepare for a loss. I recently read an article by Farmers Insurance that offers useful tips for Texas residents to prepare for hurricane season. Among these tips, Farmers suggests taking detailed pictures of your property. This way, should a hurricane occur, there will be solid facts to reference, making it easier to get your stuff back faster.

Naturally, at Enservio, we agree with this advice, not only as it applies to those in Texas, but everywhere around the globe for both large and small losses alike. We strongly recommend that insureds take detailed pictures and videos of their homes or small businesses once a year and store the information online where it will always be accessible on sites like or YouTube. (Both of these sites offer privacy settings for storing photos and videos so only you and those you authorize can access the files.)

Taking this approach creates a win-win scenario for everyone involved. Carriers end up paying less, adjusters spend less time on contents and insureds get their stuff back faster.

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