Lions and Tiger and…Alligators?

For a fun read, check out Phil Gusman’s “unusual claims recap” article in the June issue of National Underwriter P&C Magazine. Gusman retells amusing and harrowing “day-in-the-life of a claims adjuster” anecdotes of alarming collisions between the wild kingdom and property claims. There are tales of costly damage caused by mice infested breaker boxes, pet geese with an appetite for diamond earrings, alligator infested homes – and the fearless claims adjusters and appraisers who deal with these “weird tales” on a daily basis.

Most of the bizarre stories in Gusman’s article focus on property claims, but as any adjuster can tell you, contents claims are rife with tales of the wild, weird and unexpected. Tom Kirkpatrick, president of EnservioSelect, has been sharing some of Enservio’s contents claims adventures in his online column for Claims Magazine, “Contents Claims Solved.” So far, Tom has chronicled the adventures of EnservioSelect appraisers in situations such as “The Case of the Merry Maker’s Toy” and “The Case of the Model Jet.”

The takeaway for claims adjusters is that specialty contents claims are a fact of life and content claims solutions that efficiently determine the accurate value or provide restoration services are invaluable. Enlisting EnservioSelect to handle the weird, out-of-the-box contents claims challenges can clear time for adjusters to focus on other aspects of the claim.

Tom Kirkpatrick will be back each month with a new tale, so stay tuned for more. Meanwhile, we’d love to hear your weird and wild contents claims tales. Please share them in comments.

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