Don’t Take Chances with Your Contents

On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina roared through the Gulf Coast, devastating the lives and homes of all it touched. This natural disaster is one we’ll never forget and we are still feeling the effects of it today. With the recent 5 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (and this Labor Day’s Hurricane Earl scare), we thought it especially relevant to stress the importance of being prepared.

Our experience with insurance coverage shows that even the most level-headed people are willing to take chances, skimping on coverage in certain areas and hoping for the best. While many of us may not experience extreme losses such as those who were affected by Hurricane Katrina, it is still important to be prepared.
An important part of being prepared is thinking about contents coverage. Often, contents claims can be more complicated and time consuming than the structural claim after a natural disaster – for both adjusters and insureds. Enservio offers services that take the headache away from contents. We offer several services that can be used pre- and post- loss, like our inventory creation, valuation and replacement services. We also offer tools that make the job easier for adjusters – allowing them to go “hands-free” on the loss site with Enservio’s LiveScribetm service.

Most residents of New Orleans suffered the worst damage from the flooding after Hurricane Katrina. Flood damage can be extremely costly and traumatic, especially if you don’t have flood insurance. But even without flood insurance, insureds still have options. An accurate inventory and valuation of a home’s lost and damaged contents can be used to file for a deduction on the insureds’ federal income tax. Enservio contents field experts are available to provide on-site assistance for homeowners, and can help them conduct the accurate inventory and valuation of lost and damaged contents required for insurance claims and filing for tax deductions.


You never know Mother Nature has in store so don’t take chances – be prepared!

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