Have You Thought About What’s In Your Closet?

I was recently flipping through the TV channels and I came across the show Hoarders on A&E. I was amazed by the amount of stuff one person can accumulate in their lifetime, and it made me think about the contents of my own home. While the majority of us probably don’t have as much stashed away as the families portrayed on Hoarders – there is most likely enough that it would be hard to think through exactly what you have.

Think about all the contents of your current residence – the appliances, furniture, electronics and computers, clothing and apparel, books, DVDs, CDs, exercise equipment, etc. How about what’s in your cabinets and closets, the basement and the attic… it can be overwhelming to think about! What would happen if your home and its contents were damaged in a fire or natural disaster? Would you know what you lost?

Most people don’t think to prepare for a loss, but insurance agents can help policyholders prepare by advising them to take a few simple steps. Since agents are often the insured’s only link to their insurance company pre-loss, agents can encourage them to take photos of every room in their homes – even their basements. Having clear, photographic evidence of all their belongings will remove much of the guesswork out of the inventory process in the event of a loss. This is an easy yet important step for both homeowners and renters in order to be optimally prepared.

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