Renters: Are Your Contents Covered

In most cases, renting an apartment comes with many freedoms like not having to shovel the sidewalk or replace that rusty old stove – responsibilities frequently left in the hands of the landlord. But not all responsibilities fall to the landlord, including protecting what’s inside the apartment – namely, contents.

Why do so many renters go uninsured? Often, renters will mistakenly assume they’re covered for everything under the landlord’s policy. But a recent article in Insurance News Net explains that most landlords only have insurance that covers structural damage, leaving contents coverage up to the tenant. Most renters are unaware of this and go on unprotected.

Carriers need to inform their customers about the need for and the benefits of contents insurance when renting. It is a great opportunity to grow their businesses and their customer base. On the insured side, it’s an affordable and easy way to protect belongings.

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