Stories from the Road…

This is the first of a series of posts called “Stories from the Road.” In this Q&A-style series, we will feature different specialists at Enservio who will give you the in and outs of what it’s like on-the-job – the good, the bad and the sometimes dirty.

First up is Jeff Paulson, a Project Manager for Enservio Commercial and handles business-related contents claims.
Jeff is also one of our top Field Inventory Specialists who
conduct on site content inventories.

Meet Jeff:

As a Project Manager for Enservio Commercial, what do you like the most about your job?

Nearly every job and site visit is vastly different – and because of that, boredom isn’t a problem.

My job is also about helping people in a time of need – and you can’t beat that!

What’s the most challenging aspect of your job?

Time spent away from home and the working conditions.

We have to be ready to go anywhere in the country on very short notice and you never know how long the job is going to be. You might be back home in a day, or it could be two or three days on the road.

The working conditions can be miserable. We’re dealing with the aftermath of fires, floods, big storms and hurricanes, and we’ve all seen what that looks like on the news. There’s soot, flood waters to wade through, charred remnants to handle and identify, filth, odor – you name it.

What are some things that most people wouldn’t know about your job?

Most people are familiar with claims adjustors and what they do, but my role is much more hands on in helping people sort through the site so they can know exactly what was lost or damaged – which is the first and most important step toward getting an assessment of damages and how much their policy will cover.

Also, people don’t’ generally think about contents, which makes sense.

When I explain the inventory process as I work on site with business owners, you can see the recognition that contents means a ton of stuff that has to accounted for – especially for businesses.

What are some things that people can do proactively to prepare for a loss?

A loss can be devastating – even more so if your property isn’t documented fully prior to the loss. When you see what I see everyday, my top advice for everyone – whether it is their home or business – is to have some record of property contents, either a handwritten inventory, or even better and easier, a videotaped inventory. Try to get everything, but even it’s not perfect, at least you’ll have something to start with if you experience a loss.

Keep all inventory documents, photos and videos with an attorney, friend, family member, or in a bank safe deposit box. In the case of electronic files like video and photos, you can upload them to an online photo sharing site. Then, if there is a fire – or any other disaster – ever happens, you’ll be ready to assist so an accurate, quality inventory can be done.

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