A View into Contents Claims Trends

Innovative approaches for handling contents claims are having a tremendous impact on the bottom line for many of the nation’s top carriers. Data and analytics provide the foundation for more accurate contents claims. Carriers can also benefit from analyzing historical contents claims data, allowing them to identify trends for improving products and services as well as developing new products and business growth opportunities.

Enservio’s Valuation Platform has always provided valuable insights into contents claims trends, and now we’ve made it easier than ever before with this week’s launch of the Enservio Contents Claims Index (CCI). Enservio’s CCI aggregates and analyzes contents claims reported by over 200 U.S. property insurers, providing valuable insights into contents claims trends on more than 14 million individually appraised personal and business items claimed by insured as lost, damaged or stolen.The index consists of more than 2,000 categories and subcategories of millions of personal and business items – with thousands of new line item descriptions added every week.

The image below – the CCI for 2010 – provides a snapshot of the powerful insights carriers can gain from contents claims data:

The Contents Claims Index is just one manifestation of the mountain of extremely valuable contents claims data that Enservio’s Valuation Platform generates. Do you currently have tools and processes in place for tracking and measuring contents claims? We’d love to hear about it, so please share in comments. We’d also love to hear your first impressions and feedback about the Enservio CCI.

You can also read a Best’s Review feature article on the Enservio Contents Claim Index.

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