Loyal Customers: The Key to Success

A recent article in Insurance & Technology talked through 4 steps agencies and carriers need to focus on when it comes to retaining loyal customers. One step in particular rings true to what Enservio aims to deliver to carriers and adjusters: ”Claiming the Customer.”

It’s important to remember that most people don’t think about their insurance coverage until they need to call their agent. In “Claiming the Customer,” the author points out the importance for carriers to provide optimal service every step of the way, ensuring that customers get the attention they deserve.

Whether it’s a burglary, fire or hurricane that causes property loss and/or damage, the last thing the insured wants to deal with is a long, drawn out process while they are in the midst of a traumatic situation. Understandably, they just want their lives to go back to normal.

Carriers, brokers and agents who educate the insured about the claims process prior to a loss can greatly decrease the time it takes to reach a fair settlement. Accelerating the claims process goes a long way toward building customer appreciation, trust and loyalty.
Contents claims can be complex and confusing for carriers and insureds, and can frequently cause delays in reaching a settlement. Contents claims solutions for every step of the process from inventory to valuation and replacement removes many of these obstacles. With these solutions in place, claims that would ordinarily take weeks and months can be solved in a matter of days.

Prior to a loss, the insured may not have a good sense of who you are as a carrier or agent. There’s no better way to demonstrate your value in a time of need than helping your customers get their lives back in order as quickly as possible. There are plenty of other useful tips and insights in the article, including:

  • Develop and execute a corporate customer-facing strategy
  • Utilize performance management technology to measure and improve agent performance
  • Provide the necessary support and training for supervisors to improve overall company performance

It’s definitely worth your time to take a look at the article. Please share your comments and insights on how you build customer loyalty and retention.

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