Create a Personal Brand with Trust

Why would a potential customer choose to have their homeowners or business insurance covered by you? Why would they choose to renew with you? These are both very good questions that agents and carriers, alike, need to think about when it comes to their brand and how customers – and potential customers – feel towards them. Why? How your customers feel about your brand speaks a lot about your reputation.

In recent article by the Insurance Goddess, Carrie Reynolds, she urges carriers and agents to create a personal brand for themselves to help stand out from the competition. Her article explains that the general public feels that all insurance carriers are the same, and why this is a problem that needs to be addressed. The only differentiator consumers see is the price point – which a lot of times becomes the final decision maker.

The Insurance Goddess urges carriers and agents to give your brand a personality – a face, someone real and relatable to new and potential customers. Giving your brand a personality offers the insured a sense of compatibility, that you as a carrier or agent understand their needs and know what’s best for them.

Another way to relate to customers, and build your personal brand, is to explain your full offering of processes, technologies and solutions, showing them that you are fully prepared to help them in a time of need.

Think about your current offerings. Are you able to process claims in a fast and effective manner in order to create a feeling of normalcy in people’s lives?

If so, these are your differentiators and the messages that potential customers need to know. Check-in and remind your current customers about your current offerings, showing them the reasons they made the right choice to go with you.

Being favored over a competitor should come down to trust, not price.


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