Steps to Prepare for Hurricane Irene and Future Disasters

First the East Coast gets hit with an earthquake, now Hurricane Irene is moving in. A recent article on WMBF News offers some simple steps that could help you get through the insurance claim process as quickly as possible if damage is caused by this storm.

An Insurance agent explained that at this point, it’s too late for residents to add or change their current policies. Hurricane Irene is too much of a threat to the area for any insurance carrier to allow changes. While, changes to policies can’t happen, insureds can do things to prevent complications with future claims – and the first step starts with knowing what you have by taking an inventory of all your contents.

Pictures and videos taken of a home can be very helpful when it comes to filing and processing claims. The more detail you can provide, the better the outcome is for both the insured and the carrier. If a carrier has technologies and processes implemented into their policies, it can speed up the claims being processed by reducing inventory cycle times.

From the carriers perspective, if you don’t already have technologies and processes in place for handling contents claims, there are solutions available that can improve both your bottom line, customer service and customer retention.

Do you offer contents inventory support services and solutions to your customers?

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