Finally a Chance to Get Homeowner’s Coverage Right – For Carriers and Policy Holders

As Brian Sullivan from Property Insurance Report points out: “Property Insurance is big: with $111 billion at play in the United States – $67 billion in homeowners insurance alone.” Yet, for years, property insurance – especially homeowners – has been so hobbled by inaccuracies that homeowners products have been viewed by many insurance carriers as a loss leader for more profitable lines such as auto and life. Enservio has been focusing on turning that around with its contents claims solutions that are helping many carriers move homeowners out of the red into and into the black. Now, we’re introducing a groundbreaking product that dramatically improves the accuracy of the underwriting process for homeowners insurance. It’s an online service called ContentsITV (insurance to value). ContentsITV is a transparent, simple way for consumers to create an inventory and estimate of how much contents coverage they should purchase from their carrier.

(See this 30 second video on how it works:

This is a huge improvement over the traditional approach of estimating contents coverage as a percentage of the structural value – an outmoded system prone to inaccuracies. The traditional approach results in many homeowners being under-or over-insured, which hurts both the carrier and policy holder and causes major conflicts and costly delays when a loss occurs. Insurance carriers have been accurately underwriting life and auto policies for years. With ContentsITV, carriers will be able to bring that same level of accuracy to personal property coverage.

Security First insurance (, Florida, is the first carrier to implement Enservio’s Contents ITV solution and they’re getting great feedback from policy holders, insurance agents, brokers and claims adjusters. I’m thrilled to be doing a presentation about it this week with Werner Kruck from Security First at the Property Insurance Report National Conference.

This week we’re publically announcing general availability of ContentsITV to the marketplace. Take a look and let us know what you think:

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