Mild weather means different types of claims this winter

2011 held climate surprises and challenges for anyone who writes policies or insures clients. From rainstorms to severe conditions and even earthquakes, the challenge to all insurance carriers was clear – keeping clients informed and keeping the claims process moving.

So far this winter, the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012, we’ve had an interesting turn of events. Specifically, the elements have conspired to throw a wrench in the way things are usually done. With mild weather dominating, we’re not seeing the same types of seasonal claims that we’re used to.

Insurance carriers have been saved from the grips of winter so far – and so have their clients – in that the usual events like ice damming, chimney fires, falling trees and other cold-weather events have been minimized. These types of claims are way down which means insurers are not paying out as many of these types of settlements as they normally would this time of year.

Conversely, the warm weather hasn’t mitigated the number of other claims. In fact, in some regions, wind flooding and wild fires may have become more prevalent because of the warm winter weather.

What’s the takeaway for insurance professionals? That you can’t rely on the calendar to determine whether disasters will occur or certain types of insurance claims will pour in. Your best strategy is to remain focused on serving your existing book of business and pay attention to meteorological events as they happen.

Being prepared in our business is the best way we can serve our clients. Even when the sun’s shining, we all know that the next weather event could be around the corner.

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