Staying prepared for the unexpected this season

Building on Jon McNeill’s previous post, which talked about how insurance professionals can’t always depend on the weather to judge what types of claims they will be seeing, one thing that they can always depend on is that claims will still be coming in. The best approach to claims in any season is to always be prepared. Here are a few pointers to help insurance pros stay equipped for anything.Looking ahead to 2012, it is important for insurers and the insured alike to take a look at their policies. Policy holders need to make sure that they have the right coverage to insure that they will be covered if effected by a natural disaster. In addition to having the right coverage, the insured should be thinking about what to do if a disaster does strike. After a disaster it may be difficult to take an accurate inventory of the damage to the contents of the home. In these cases, some insurance carriers have tools that allow home owners to do a contents self-assessment before a disaster strikes that will help estimate the value of the contents in the home.

Carriers, on the other hand, need to look at their agility and accuracy in processing claims – contents in particular. After a disaster hits, claims agents will likely be inundated with claims. Being prepared before a disaster will help the entire process move faster and will be a benefit to their customers in their time of need, as well as assure that they receive an accurate settlement.

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