Fraud. Mitigating it with Expertise

Financial services fraud rose 6% in 2011, according to the accounting firm BDO. Claims Journal recently ran two front page stories on the topic – one is a $1.1M insurance fraud case in NY and the other details how home insurance is the number one fraud target in the UK.

Big deal, right?We all know that fraud is a constant. We’re going to have to deal with it…aren’t we? Maybe not. What if we could head off fraud at the pass? What if there were a way for insurers to change the landscape?

There is. It’s called expertise and experience.

At Enservio, our best tool for fighting fraud is being informed. We know the value of contents better than anyone, so we know what claims are normal and what claims seem out of line. This knowledge protects our clients and our team because we’re recognized as the experts in contents valuation.

In fact, Enservio is exhibiting at the 2012 Windstorm Claims Conference. We’d welcome the opportunity to meet you at the conference and talk about how proper valuation of contents can help any adjuster do his job properly.

We believe by keeping valuations accurate we are keeping costs down across the board. Clients who receive fair value for their property and belongings are less likely to step over the line toward fraud. That’s just commonsense.

So, take a step toward deterring fraud and deliver valuations that are fair and accurate. Your entire client base will benefit…and so will your bottom line.

How have you seen the fraudulent activity change since you’ve been in the industry? What do you see as a major factor driving fraudulent claims – or keeping fraudulent claims in check?

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