Springtime is the Best Time for Increasing Home Value

You know why people get frantic about Spring cleaning? It’s not because everyone has a genetic disposition to have their homes cleaner and looking presentable as the calendar touches upon March 21. It’s because of peer pressure and learned behaviors.

That’s right. A clean house and yard are attractive. But more than that, they are likely worth more on the real estate market and also less likely to be targets of burglary or theft. The mindset behind both these tidbits is that a home that looks cared for – and appears clean and well-kept – means that the family inside takes pride in their home and often has the same attitude toward functional upkeep of the property.

That’s why the cycle of real estate – aside from being driven by school schedules – is driven by the seasons. Spring is the big time to put a home on the market and therefore is the time most folks pay attention to how everything looks and works in and around their home. They make sure doors, windows, roofs and property are all open and inviting. But not inviting to everyone.

You see, burglars don’t like properties that are too inviting. And they really dislike confrontation. A home that has trimmed shrubs and a clean, organized appearance is clearly a home that is occupied with attentive people. These criminals will often move on to houses that look abandoned and uncared for.

What’s that mean when it comes to insurance? Well, it’s two-fold. A home that’s clean and appealing is probably worth more when it comes to an appraisal of similar homes in the neighborhood. That means more business for the company writing the policy.

Second, if a home is less likely to suffer a loss (be it from criminal or structural issues), everyone wins. A house that’s kept up well helps everyone.

So, next time you hear the lawn mowers at 6AM in your neighborhood, just realize that it’s only the sound of a caring homeowner. Happy Spring!

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