Wildfire season has begun

Around this time every year sparks start flying and, no, it’s not a case of blossoming summer love. The unpleasant truth is that warm weather and dry conditions–which usually start to impact a certain part of the United States in May and June–are hugely contributing factors to wildfires.

By the beginning of June 2012, there have been several notable fires nationwide that seem keen on destroying land and possessions and displacing hundreds of citizens. States such as Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico have been battling flames for some time now, and the wildfire season has only just begun.

“’We are maintaining vigilance, because there are a lot of hot areas and places that haven’t burnt yet,’ spokesman Patrick Lair, said on May 30th, according to Arizona news website azcentral.com, on the fire that raged through the towns in Arizona. As of that date, firefighters had managed to contain sixty-five percent of the Gladiator fire with only six houses destroyed, eight people injured, and three communities evacuated temporarily.

In addition to Arizona, Colorado is now facing severe wildfire damage. The Associated Press wrote that the “nine-square-mile wildfire in southwestern Colorado near the Utah border” was powerful enough to consume over 600 acres of land overnight at the end of May. This same blaze required six helicopters, in addition to firefighters on the ground, to combat the flames even though fifty percent of it was contained at the time. Simultaneously, an uncontained fire rapidly grew about 200 miles southwest of Denver.

As severe as the previously mentioned infernos are, there is a state with even more on its proverbial plate, fire-wise. “A wildfire burning in the Gila National Forest consumed nearly 20,000 more acres in a day and is now, by far, the largest blaze on record in New Mexico,” reported msnbc.com.

The site went on to say that “more than 1,200 firefighters and 12 helicopters from around the state are fighting the blaze,” which, as of the end of May, had burned 170,272 acres–almost 15,000 more acres than the previous state wildfire record set in 2011. This new, more disastrous blaze was, at the time of writing, zero percent contained and there were very real fears of its continuance until the monsoon season starts in July.

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