Burn Baby Burn: How to have Happy (and safe) Summer Fun

Hot weather, BBQ, sunblock, and American flags. These are all things synonymous with the Fourth of July–America’s birthday. But, outside of hot dogs and hamburgers, sunburns and sunglasses, is something more associated with the Fourth than the rest of these festive items put together: fireworks.As fun as fireworks can be, however, they are also incredibly dangerous. These festive flares are widely illegal for a reason. They’re prone to causing injury–if people are hit, they can be maimed–and severe burns can be caused through contact with skin or the ignition of clothing.

In addition to bodily harm, fireworks can, cause property damage. Although this seems obvious, spirited celebrators may not take into account the proximity of a home to lit fireworks and, as a result, property damage is apt to occur. Sometimes a bottle rocket can lodge in a roof or shoot through a window, creating a fire and/or structural damage.

To avoid damage to people and houses alike, the National Council on Fireworks Safety advises Americans to “choose an open area away from spectators, homes and buildings, and dry vegetation. Use a garden hose to wet down the area before firing and be sure to put on your safety goggles before starting your display. As each device burns out, soak it using a hose or bucket of water. After, place all used items in a covered, fireproof container and leave outside and away from homes and buildings.”

While all of these safety precautions may seem obvious, people in the middle of a Fourth of July celebration might not be in a safety mindset. As a result, accidents can happen. When they do, it’s companies like Enservio that step in to help claims adjusters evaluate damaged and destroyed items in homes so that homeowners can quickly recover. Enservio employs experts in many areas, such as fine jewelry, sporting equipment, collectibles, and even artwork.

In the meantime, apply that sunblock, flip a couple of burgers, and, if you choose to have fireworks at your summer celebrations, make sure to use them both legally and responsibility.

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