When the Lights Go Out: Mass Power Outages and Other Damage in a Summer Storm’s Wake

America has long prided itself on being a beacon of light to those searching for freedom, prosperity, and equality. But, this past Fourth of July, light was a necessity severely lacking in several U.S. states thanks to a massive power outage.

On Friday, June 29th, a massive, long-lasting, powerful wind storm referred to as a “derecho” hit the Midwest and affected citizens all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, Rodney Blevins, Vice President of Dominion Virginia Power, said that more than 5,000 of the company’s employees were working in 18 states–and Canada–to restore power to literally over one million customers in the dark. This goal was largely accomplished by July 5th but there were still thousands in need of service. The storm, Blevins said, caused the most non-hurricane damage in the history of Dominion.

According to Reuters, power outages were not the only havoc this storm wreaked. In the six-day period between the storm on June 29th and the day after the Fourth of July, 23 people had lost their lives due to storm complications. For some of these people, it was the heat stroke that the severe weather from the storm left in its wake that did them in. Others, though, became statistics due to the destruction that this type of storm often brings with it. Downed trees landing on both homes and cars contributed to the post-storm death toll last week.

Claims Journal, an online insurance periodical, reported that, “the largest U.S. home and auto insurer, State Farm, said it had received about 29,000 claims from last weekend’s storms, more than three-quarters of them for house damage.” The article added that, “two of [State Farm’s] peers, USAA and Nationwide, said on Monday they had received more than 12,000 claims, with the majority also for homes. The three collectively account for about 16 percent of the U.S. property insurance market.”

In a situation such as this, when there’s widespread home damage to a large area from a single event, it can be very overwhelming to be a claims adjuster. Destruction from a storm isn’t staggered–everything can occur within minutes or hours, leaving adjusters tasked with the huge undertaking of responding to thousands of claims. In order to better combat the inherent influx of claims, it may be very helpful to look to a company such as Enservio for assistance.

Now that the storm is over, people are in recovery mode and America’s power is slowly coming back. But the work is just beginning for claims adjusters. However, with a little help from Enservio, those homeowners claims will get taken care of in no time.

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