Rainy Summer

It’s been a wet summer. For most coastal residents, there just haven’t been as many beach days as usual. The reason that we all feel robbed of our swimsuit season is that copious thunderstorms have loomed across the continental United States these last few months–carrying disaster with them wherever they go.In Dallas, this past weekend, several buildings were severely damaged by wind and rain coupled with serious flooding that caused at least one driver to be trapped in their car due to the dangerously swelling flood waters. As of Sunday, August 19, no deaths had been reported in relation to the storms but, according to ConnectAmarillo.com (a Dallas-area news web site), “there have been rumors of people falling into a local creek and getting swept away.”

The site went on to say that, in addition to damaged buildings, “there have been two building collapses reported, including a partial cave-in at Urban Inter-Tribal Center of Texas.”

Similarly, in the onset of a walloping storm that “rocked” Chicago’s, iconic music festival Lollapalooza came to a halt as over 100,000 people were forced to take cover in parking garages and other unofficial shelters until the worst of the weather passed. A similar occurrence took place on the Fourth of July in Boston when thousands of revelers were forced into one of the city’s large traffic tunnels when lightning started splitting the sky during the historic tradition of the Boston Pops outdoor concert.

In a summer that was kicked off with rampant wildfires, some might think that thunderstorms are a bit of a relief. But those whose homes have been hard hit–or destroyed, will beg to differ. There’s still a solid month of heat and humidity left before the effects of autumn start to take hold, (and then of course the hurricanes will begin…) so adjusters should continue to brace themselves for the homeowners claims to keep rolling in.

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