Ready or Not: September is National Preparedness Month

September means back-to-school for kids, college students, and teachers alike. It also means fall is on its way to all of us in North America—even if your fall doesn’t necessarily consist of the crunchy leaves, chilly nights, and festive apple picking that we have here in Enservio’s home state of Massachusetts. Maybe less well-known (but just as true) is the fact that September also means the kickoff of National Preparedness Month in the United States.

National Preparedness Month is devoted to planning for and ensuring safety in the event of a natural disaster. It was first conceived in 2004 and is sponsored by FEMA. During the thirty days of September, citizens and communities in every state are encouraged to do more than usual to learn and, in turn, prepare.

FEMA’s web site offers goals for making the most of September. “September 2012 marks the ninth annual NPM and this year’s slogan is: “Pledge to Prepare, Awareness to Action”. The goal this year is to transform awareness into action by encouraging all Americans to take specific steps to ensure that their homes, workplaces, and communities are prepared for disasters and emergencies of all kinds.”

“By doing so,” the site continues, “individuals, business[es,] and organizations can commit to doing at least one of the following:

1. Learn about emergency hazards and their appropriate responses

2. Build an emergency kit

3. Make a communications plan

4. Get involved in preparedness in their community.”

After being hit by a deadly tornado last year, Massachusetts was slapped with the reminder that disasters can happen anywhere—even if they’re not common in the area. Additionally, NPM covers the possibility of manmade disasters and terrorism attacks … a.k.a. things that can happen anywhere at all.

During this informative month, it’s a great idea to share ideas for preparedness with insureds to help them prevent potentially avoidable damage to their homes and businesses in case of disaster. Everyone can benefit from utilizing preparedness tips and sharing them with others—insureds and adjusters alike.

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