A Day in the Life: How ContentsExpress Can Take You From Stressed to Impressed

Busy. That’s an understatement right?

As an adjuster, “busy” doesn’t begin to describe the day ahead of you.  You sip your morning coffee as you run out the door, and grab the many hats you’ll be wearing today – administrator, investigator, and complaint department, to name a few.

You arrive at your desk with claims already waiting for your attention, the same ones you couldn’t get through last night, and some new ones as well.  You may well begin your day searching and comparing prices online to start cutting away at that huge fire claim, trying to determine if those claimed items have realistic prices on them. (Is there really a $200 dustbuster out there?)

Or perhaps you start by comparing those receipts the insured turned in, matching them to the items listed somewhere on that contents list. Then comes the next headache –tax rates — complying with all state and county tax codes. And since you already have a headache, now is a good time to make some phone calls.  Of course, while you’re calling back the policyholder who is sure he deserves more compensation on items you’ve already priced, you’ll miss the one from a policyholder that has those additional items which will need to be added to their contents list.  The end of the work day is quickly approaching and you’ve yet to attack those reports; looks like another late night is at hand.  There is a better way!

Now imagine this. You arrive at work as usual, but today you have a secret weapon – ContentsExpress from Enservio.  You still have a high volume of contents claims to get through, but you now have a tool that will get you through quicker and more efficiently, without sacrificing any accuracy. In one simple screen, you can enter header information, enter contents, and generate your settlement report. And instead of searching online stores for contents pricing and potentially turning up pricing biased toward Google advertisers, you use the ContentsExpress Product Search, which integrates Google, Amazon, and Shopping.com results with our own product cache of millions of items, while filtering out the noise.

Time to tackle tax rates? Put down the aspirin, you need only enter the state and zip code, and voila! Automated, accurate tax rates applied. Headache averted.

What’s more, this online tool offers  proper allocation of property limits, management of recoverable depreciation, advance payment tracking, checking on limits totals and generating reports; all with the click of a mouse.

Even phone calls are easier to manage, because your policyholders are online, editing their inventory and tracking payments within the Insured Access Portal instead of calling you. And remember all those shopping receipts you used to have to deal with? The insured uploaded them online and you can review them easily as you scroll through their line items.

Sounds like a good day, right? ContentsExpress offers even more features, all designed to improve your adjustment and settlement processes. Because who doesn’t want a simpler, yet more intuitive and accurate way of handling claims? 

So how’s your workday going — do you have a secret weapon? Or are you still doing your job the hard way? Just click here to learn more about ContentsExpress.

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