Our Hearts are with You, Moore, OK

The nation has Moore, OK, in its thoughts, and we in Massachusetts are no exception.  Tragedies of this magnitude bring out the best in people with everyone trying to help.   We at Enservio spend hours helping people “get their stuff back” in all types of perils, but it is in scenarios such as this when our people really shine.

While prepping for our team to fly into Oklahoma City in order to set up our mobile catastrophe unit, I stopped and looked around to see our team transition into disaster mode.  It was like watching a perfectly choreographed movement.  People on phones reaching out to our carrier partners offering assistance.  Others prepping the necessary items such as laptops, hardhats, and phone chargers that will be made available in our mobile ground unit; and still others working the logistics to prepare for the influx of claims to ensure they are processed as smoothly as possible.  I smiled to myself as I thought, how lucky I am to be a member of a team of  whose main goal is to put people’s lives back together after a tragedy.  It’s something you can see every day walking through our office, and it doesn’t matter if the loss is a theft of an item or two, or a tornado-ravaged town, our people are there to help the families behind the claims.

Most of our carriers already know we are there for them, but for those who don’t, and for the hundreds of policyholders affected by this disaster, you can find us at the Baptist Church parking lot in our mobile RV command center.  If you need us, just call our emergency catastrophe line at 855.864.0456.  We’re there for you and your policyholder – whether it’s helping with bottles of water, snacks, or the use of a laptop, phone or just a place for a physical recharge, just let us know.  And from the rest of the team here in Needham, we may be nearly 1700 miles away, but our hearts are in Moore, Oklahoma.

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