“Contents Bus” Rolls in to Aid in Moore Recovery Efforts

The Enservio SOS team has set up camp at the “Insurance Village” at Moore, Oklahoma’s First Baptist Church this week.  With a banner stretched across its front grill spelling out “Contents Inventory Services,” the RV office “will stay parked at least a week and longer if needed,” says Dan Glaser, VP, Account Management & Advanced Client Services, Enservio. “A lot of Top 10 carriers are on-site with us and we’ll be synched up with our regional carriers too.”

Staffers manning the bus are there to offer support to local CAT adjusters, property appraisers, carriers and claimants to quicken claims processing and settlements.

Also, carrier adjusters can call an emergency catastrophe line for contents services help. The toll-free number to call is 1-855.864.0456.

Equipped with laptops, cell phones and charging stations, the Contents RV features real-time access to MyPropertyLoss.com, an online contents valuation listing service for claimants, and ListAssist, a telephonic inventory capture service.

ListAssist offers policyholders access to a live trained operator over the telephone to help navigate the process of recreating their inventory. These applications offer robust content recreation and allows insureds more visibility into the process as well as speeding up claim settlements.

Already, national insurers in Moore are settling claims by issuing ReStore pre-paid debit cards to claimants for convenient access to badly needed funds. Upon activation, the debit cards can be used immediately to purchase goods and services or to access cash at an ATM.

“Our mobile RV office staff will help claimants on behalf of our carrier partners and the insurance industry to accurately capture and value thousands of their lost items in order to get these claims paid as swiftly as possible and help families regain some degree of normalcy,” said Jon McNeill, Enservio CEO, in a press release issued Tuesday.

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