Out of the Ashes: On The Scene in Colorado with our SOS Specialists Team

As the search continues to find the cause of what is now considered the most destructive fire in Colorado history, those who suffered losses are slowly going through the difficult process of assessing what little remains of their property after the devastation.

I arrived in the area a little over 24 hours ago to witness a key area of our company in action, the incredible Service on Site (SOS) team.  It must be said that the majority of the team have been away from their homes for over 3 weeks, after assisting in the Moore, OK catastrophe.  That doesn’t seem to slow them down though.  Hanging out with them is really energizing — they get gassed up by helping people and it really shows.

What I thought I’d do is give you a glimpse of their day.  The Colorado fire team is being led on the ground by our Director of Enservio SOS Contents, Mike Pelonero, and we started our day together at his office (the local Starbucks).  The team starts their day with an early morning meeting, and quickly disperses throughout the area to meet with insureds.  The policyholders don’t have places to live — so those meetings are a scramble.  Often they happen in Starbucks, Panera Bread or a relative’s home.

Most of the loss sites look like this, a total loss where little, if anything, survived the raging flames.

(Photo by Enservio, Black Forest)

Throughout the day, from site to site, our team combs through whatever may remain on a property, digitally recording the remnants, communicating with the policyholders, and trying to reconstruct a picture of what the property contained prior to the fire.  These folks are tireless in their efforts, and eager to help victims wherever they can.

(Photo by Enservio, Black Forest)

A report by Bill Folsom of KOAA news shares, “‘It is dirty work sifting ash. Patience is required. We have molten puddles of glass all over this property. We have molten silver that was melted. We have steel that was melted,’ said fire victim Duane Reynolds.”

They make us all proud — they show empathy, patience, selflessness and teamwork.

Jon McNeill, Chief Executive Officer, Enservio