FEMA Says, “Be a Hero”

Since its founding on September 5th in 1882, Labor Day has traditionally been a celebration to honor the American worker. It has evolved to many things, including the unofficial end of summer; the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon Day; as well as, for many communities, the signal that school is once again in session.

More recently, Labor Day weekend has grown to include festivals and events, which spark the advent of National Preparedness Month.

According to the CDC, “Throughout September there will be activities across the country to promote emergency preparedness. More than 3,000 organizations – national, regional, and local public and private organizations – are supporting emergency preparedness efforts and encouraging all Americans to take action.” This weekend also kicks off FEMA and the Ad Council’s humorous new video campaign aimed at kids getting involved in family preparedness planning.

National Preparedness Month, now in its 10th year, is devoted to planning for and ensuring safety in the event of a natural disaster. Last month, FEMA released the National Preparedness Month (NPM) Toolkit, which is designed to help you and your community be better prepared. I’ve provided the link, which you may find useful in sharing with your policyholders here, as well as this toolkit, targeted at business owners, that our commercial division advocates.

As you celebrate this weekend — as a worker, a parent ready to send the kids off to school, or just trying to take in the last “beach day” of the summer — take a moment to reflect how prepared for disaster you, and those around you, are. “You Can Be a Hero” in helping get everyone prepared.

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