Innovation vs. Integration

InnovationOne of the problems with innovation, especially in our industry, is integrating the shiny, new toy into our existing infrastructure. The best-intentioned software falls flat on its collective faces if it requires a long integration timeline with an already overburdened IT department.  What’s worse, if the support engine requires further calories to create, the benefit of the solution may never be greenlighted by engineering or IT.

We are all too aware of this scenario, and take it into full consideration when developing different product offerings for our partners.  Take ContentsExpress, our Contents Claims system announced earlier this year.  The integration is fairly simple:  you provide us with your business rules, we enter them into the back-end admin area, and you navigate to the application from Internet Explorer.  Just about as simple as it gets.

Keeping with the theme of simplicity, we just added a feature to our ReStorePayment platform allowing for fast integration; aptly named, QuickStart. The feature is designed to make life easier for your IT department because it is a web service, eliminating the need to download and manage software.  Working directly with carriers like you, we incorporated your feedback to build a product tailor-made for the insurance industry’s unique payment needs. Carriers are given the necessary tools to manage the full payment workflow while claimants see expedited funds.

Now you can hit the ground running with the most important aspect of your claims business: expediting payments. Field or desk adjusters can enter claims data directly into the portal and the system will automatically adjudicate the claim payment.  Whether it’s a pre-paid debit card, EFT or other payment type, carriers can match the claim with the appropriate payment solution.

Who could argue that getting payments quickly into the hands of the insureds isn’t good for business? Your policyholder customers have high expectations and demands; the last thing they need during an emotional time is any delay in settlement.

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