Congrats to GuideWire

Congrats to GuideWire – a fellow software company in the insurance space.  Employees at GuideWire recently  ranked the company one of the top 50 best places to work in the 2014 GlassDoor Employees’ Choice Awards (note – Bain Capital, an investor in Enservio, ranked #1 in the same survey) citing a collaborative and supportive environment.
Consistently, Guidewire employees noted, “everybody is very collegial and helpful; if you ask for help they won’t leave you until the problem is solved.”    With that said, it does seem that companies focusing on the insurance space attract employees who “want to help” or “make a difference.”  At Enservio, helping insureds restore their lives during probably one of the worst times in their life is a common component of the job.  Getting insureds back to where they were or better after a fire, water loss or devastating storm is the emotional paycheck that many Enservians cherish.  You can’t help but get involved in an insured’s life when you’re helping them restore treasured possessions or making the replacement process as smooth as possible after a loss.


Enservio also has a thriving culture club that spends a lot of its time on philanthropic ventures.  I’ve worked for a number of larger companies that spent many calories trying to encourage philanthropic participation and just couldn’t get employees engaged.   Definitely not a problem here – in fact, employees compete for slots in favored charities.  Maybe it’s the many Millennials we have in the company who have a more socially responsible mentality or again, just a common character trait we seem to attract.  Either way, as we slow down and reflect during this holiday season on the past year, it’s nice to be part of such a caring culture.

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