The Trouble With Long Weekends

The trouble with long weekends is that the longer they are, the more work tends to build up while (or IF) you have a chance to step away from it.  Claims don’t take vacations, and if anything, there is typically an uptake of them during holiday periods.  Propane grills that go “boom,” golf bags looted from the links, and forgetting the expensive digital camera at the festivities are not uncommon events; all which equate to more claims on your desktop, come Monday morning.

Let’s face it, of the many items on the policyholder’s claim, it’s inevitable you will come across a product type with which you are totally unfamiliar.  It could be a firearm, a collection of Swarovski figurines, or that expensive golf set that didn’t find its way back to your insured’s trunk.

photography That’s why we decided to create a knowledge series of checklists to help guide you through key identifiers (what we call the Key Value Factors) of various items.  Firearms, antique furniture, computers, collectibles and golf clubs are examples of the checklists we have available for our claims professionals looking to learn more about valuing specific product categories.

If you require more than a basic understanding of a particular category, we also have firearmsa video series providing a more in depth look that is accessible from the website. An example is the Firearms Knowledge Series you can find here.  Other videos include Flatware & Crystal, Rugs, and Sculptures and Figurines—all easy to access from the resource tab on our website.

If you’re interested, just send me a quick email at, and I’ll be happy to let you know what we have available.

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