Celebrating the Claims Pros that Make it Right

Making It Right

Today we’re delighted to launch our “Making it Right” Web series.  Those of you lucky enough to attend our recent Property Innovation Conference in April saw a sneak preview of the series and I’ve embedded links to this preview below.  We’ll be releasing a new episode every other week through the end of July and then starting up again in the fall with new episodes (just like your favorite HBO or Showtime series).

The “Making It Right” series is an attempt to celebrate the many claims professionals who are constantly preparing for the worst so that policyholders can expect the best.  Day after day, they make it their business to reassure policyholders on what may be the worst day of their lives – that they’re there for them.

In working with the industry’s top carriers, we were stunned, humbled and honored to hear of the efforts many claims professionals took on behalf of their policyholders.  Similar to fire, police, and other emergency workers, they endure horrific conditions and emotional situations as part of their daily jobs.  Yet, unlike their counterparts in law enforcement and firefighting, they’re not considered heroes.  In fact, the common perception is that adjusters are not necessarily there to help.

We felt strongly it was necessary to change this perception.  This series is an attempt to showcase the efforts of the passionately committed claims professionals who pull off small miracles every day in making tough situations easier for families and businesses.

We hope you enjoy this series as much as we’ve loved creating it and getting to know many of the participants in the stories.  And, if you have a team member you’d like to nominate for this series, let us know!  We will be filming over the summer and would love to recognize your unsung hero.

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