Making it Right: A Christmas Story

The holidays are always an emotional time so this week’s Episode of “Making it Right” is particularly poignant.  Featuring Otto Kieslich from Universal NA, the episode recounts a fire that destroyed the Christmas tree in a family’s new home — but not the family’s spirit — thanks to Otto’s efforts.

Episode 1 Thumbnail

“You can’t control when bad things happen to good people,” explains Otto, “but you can control the way we as the insurance carrier respond to that tragedy and treat the insured.” A calm voice on the other end of the phone goes a long way in helping policyholders take the first steps in taking their lives back.

Ultimately, “it’s just stuff,” notes Rich Hanlon, also of Universal NA. “What’s most important when something like this happens is to get the policyholder and their family in a scenario where they feel immediately safe and secure again.”

Claims pros are faced with emotional situations every day. In a way, part of the job is being a caregiver. What are some of the ways your claims people handle a sensitive case?”

Thanks for all of the positive feedback you’ve provided to date on the Making it Right series.  Remember, we’re always looking for new stories. To view all the current episodes click here and be sure to check out our next episode which comes out June 24.

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