Making it Right: The Art of Connecting

This week’s episode of “Making it Right” centers around family. As tight as your family relationships may be, all too often your spouse or children may not know exactly what claims professionals do. I love the way the young son of one of the series participants characterized what his Dad does, explaining that his father  “helps people after a bad weather.” (I’m paraphrasing slightly). But, family members may not always understand the day-to-day aspects of your job, especially given that every day can be different.

Episode2In Episode 2:  The Art of Connecting, Trevor McDonald, Claims Network Manager, from the MSA Group, talks about how his wife received something of a “baptism by fire” during one claim. Trevor’s wife accompanied Trevor on the initial claim visit, meeting the insured and his family at what was left of their home. “It ended up being a hugfest,” Trevor explains, noting that now his wife all too well appreciates his role. Visit to view the latest episode. Or click on the image to the left.

In this vein, I was struck by this job description posting from the Nationwide Web site:

“If you’re looking for a career that offers interesting challenges every day and helps people restore what’s most important to them, consider becoming a claims associate at Nationwide.

We want people with interpersonal skills who take pride in delivering exceptional customer service over the phone, by mail and face to face. Compassion is a must – you’ll be helping people who’ve been through stressful situations, such as a car accident or a powerful storm.”

Pretty accurate, right?  Enjoy this week’s episode as well as the photos of Trevor’s beautiful family.

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