Cool Stuff with ContentsExpress

As a trainer for our ContentsExpress adjustment and settlement software, I have the opportunity to see firsthand how our customers are using some of the great features the product offers.  ContentsExpress is an intuitive way to keep track of all of your contents claims – in effect, your very own claim repository, but two of the coolest features the software offers are often overlooked.  These include the payment tracker which provides you with an on demand view of all payments, and the recoverable depreciation module that makes quick work of painful receipt matching and calculations.

You know that keeping track of long running claims can be a challenge. Just getting a claim to the initial settlement is rarely the end of the story. It’s not uncommon for policyholders to continue to add items to a claim while the boxes of receipts for items replaced sent in for recoverable depreciation add to the chaos.  Tracking payments and recoverable depreciation is a snap with ContentsExpress.

To record a payment, you simply enter the payments area of the software, click “add a new payment,” and a drop down list appears with payment types such as Advanced Payments or Deductible Offsets.  When you save the claim, the software automatically tenders your pending net loss payment and keeps it in order with the Advanced Payment, service provider payments as well as any other supplement payments. ContentsExpress is both your payment tracker and automatic payment calculator, so all upcoming supplement or recoverable depreciation payments appear accurately with no additional effort.

payment tracker

This is a screen shot of the payment tracker

Recoverable Depreciation

This is a screenshot of Recoverable Depreciation

Just as cool, is how easy ContentsExpress makes calculating recoverable depreciation.   Anyone who has spent hours entering receipts into a spreadsheet, racking their brain trying to offset previous payments to make sure it all adds up right will appreciate this functionality.  With literally two clicks of a mouse, each item replaced will generate its own accurate RD value, display betterment and forfeiture, date stamp it, and place each batch into a separate record. No more convoluted spreadsheets. No more calculators. No more hassle.  In a fraction of the time, ContentsExpress handles it for you, helping you provide a better customer experience all the way through the claim process.

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