Making it Right: Beyond the Policy

If you’ve been following our “Making it Right” Web series you know that many of the episodes have showcased compassionate adjusters assisting policyholders through particularly rough times, helping restore what’s important to them.  This next episode takes a different tact in profiling an insured whose claim didn’t fit traditional parameters.   As Eva Mowry of Security First explains, “Even though there was not coverage under the contract, there is always service and caring – we continued to call the homeowner every day until we got him help because that’s what we do.”  Eva’s story on how Security First pulled out all the stops to help the home owner, provides the backdrop for why this episode is entitled, “Beyond the Policy.

episode-3-thumbnail_blogThe claim initially was called into Security First  as a damages loss from paranormal activity.  According to the Insurance Information Institute in New York (2012 case featured in ABC News), there is “nothing in an insurance contract that specifies an ‘exclusion’ or ‘inclusion’ from paranormal activity.”  For example, fire is covered as long as it’s not proven to be arson.  Breakage – a more common side effect of paranormal activity  — typically is not covered in any contract, regardless of whether the damage is caused by a living person or a ghost.   In the case featured in the Making it Right episode, damage to the floors and walls is cited as the initial source of the loss.

You can see the emotion and resolve on Eva’s face as she notes, “We were prepared to call the health and human services people because we knew we could not leave without making sure something was done to help this man.”

Let us know your thoughts on this latest episode.  We’re interested in your stories on claims that don’t fit the usual profile.  And as always, please nominate your own personal heroes.

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