Making it Right: Get in the Bathroom

Dorothy - Wizard of OzEveryone remembers the scene in the Wizard of Oz movie where Dorothy steps out of her house after the terrifying tornado to see….Oz.

Imagine a more chilling scenario where you step outside your home into the aftermath of a twister to see…nothing.

In this week’s episode of “Making it Right,” Rich Hanlon, Director of Claims for Universal North America, recounts the terrifying story of how a family took refuge in the bathroom of their home during a powerful storm.  Huddled together and holding tight to the knob of the bathroom door, the family felt like they were pushing back on a locomotive for hours when in reality it was only minutes.  Imagine their shock on emerging from the bathroom to discover that all that was left of their home was the bathroom.episode 4 thumbnail

While I must apologize for the spoiler alert, it’s still worth watching to hear Rich tell the story in his own words. Jason Hartman in an earlier episode talks about how whenever you’re sad or distraught, all you want to do is “go home.”  But what if your home doesn’t exist?

Unfortunately, just about all of the claims professionals we interviewed for this series had experienced a claim such as this where a family experienced close to a total loss.

The ongoing compassion and listening skills required to deal with this type of trauma are definitely the mark of a very special person, and why we’ve made the decision to honor them in this series.

Once more, claims pros show us you can go home again.

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