Buildings and Rooms: You’ve got the Power.

Small, simple contents list are a breeze to settle using ContentsExpress, but its real power is how it makes large, complex lists easier to review and pay out. Many users aren’t aware of an excellent tool within CE that does just that—the Buildings and Rooms function.

Adding buildings or rooms to an inventory based on the claim is easy. Simply select ‘Buildings/Rooms’ from the Claim header pull down.


Click ‘Add New Room’ and away you go.

When we send you a completed claim, and you don’t see the entire inventory list, chances are it’s been separated into various rooms. An easy way to determine if that is the case is to view the building and room box at the top left of the screen. If it is blue like the image below, the inventory has been separated. If not, then your list is just one single summary.


An alternate use for this cool feature is to categorize items into their own “rooms.” For residential claims, creating rooms for food, clothing, pet items or antiques makes it easy to view them on the settlement report as groups of items. The “rooms” features is incredibly helpful in commercial claims as well. Think of businesses with massive tool inventories grouped into “Tom’s Tools,” “James’ Tools,” “Joe’s Tools” and so forth. Retail store “shelf inventories” can be separated from the warehouse inventory; and office supplies can be easily viewed aside from the computer equipment. Imagine how much easier it will be to review these lists individually and even see the payout you may want to make incrementally as you dive deeper into settlement.

If this concept makes sense then also think about how useful it can be with this: Supplements. When the first additional list of items comes into a claim, just add a room called Supplement 1. No need to endlessly scan to determine where things begin and end. When the next list comes in for that same claim you can simply add it to the room you create called Supplement 2.

What about separate claimants on a single claim? The possibilities and applications are endless.

Here’s an example of how the Settlement Report looks with its own grey sub header for each Room or ‘custom’ label you create.


Remember, there’s a lot more to Content Express than what you may be using today. Watch this space for additional tips and tricks and/or contact your Enservio rep or click here to request additional training.

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