Live from Minneapolis, it’s PLRB

plrb-central_2014It’s an exciting time at this year’s Central Region PLRB conference, where we are exhibiting at booth 516.

The conference kicked off with a trilogy of speakers from the Minnesota area, beginning with Frank Whitcomb, Sales and Marketing Expert at Minnesota Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers Association.  “Be remarkable” was Frank’s mantra.  “You don’t need to be perfect, but you can be remarkable.”

The second speaker was Rodney Allebach, President and GM of Farmers Union Insurance Agency.  Rodney shared how important the line of communication between agents, adjusters and service providers is.  It’s a message we take seriously, ramping up our own lines of communication with the creation of our new Customer Experience department, where claims pros have a primary point of contact so there’s never a question of who to contact at Enservio.

The last presenter was Gloria Thompson, CISR Board of Directors at The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research who shared four common reasons why policyholders become unhappy:

1:  Settlement times are too long
Adjuster should set expectations early on

2:  When claims (or claim lines) are denied
Never start your communication with what is denied, always begin with what is going to be paid

3:  Settlement amount is different than expected
Again, communicating upfront with the policyholder so they are aware of depreciation, limits, etc. helps to avoid bad surprises

4:  When the adjuster or agent is unfamiliar with state specific language that may affect the insured’s policy
Claims pros need to stay current with state knowledge.

It’s been exciting here at booth 516 as well.  “Lots of activity and questions revolving around evaluation accuracy, and the ability to provide defensible replacement sourcing for both commercial and personal contents claims,” says Aaron Whittet, our man on the ground.  Accuracy of the replacement is key as is consistency to insure the pick is defensible.  Traditional internet searches may provide a quick answer, but getting that same answer again when its settlement time isn’t always easy.  Our ContentsExpress software provides real-time prices updated nightly for millions of available products, alleviating the policyholder’s questions on where the price was obtained.


As we close our second day, we want to thank everyone for stopping by and saying hello, and look forward to seeing everyone at the PLRB Eastern Conference right in our backyard in Providence, RI this November.

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