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Now that summer is behind us, we’re delighted to introduce new episodes of “Making it Right.”  We took a short hiatus over the July and August months but will be running new episodes every couple of weeks throughout the balance of the year.  Thank you for the continued messages of support – I excerpted a few quotes from recent emails below:

“Keep up your good work on behalf of our industry and what it does for our society”

“These stories continue to resonate with me…absolutely awesome and I share them with my team!”

MIRHtoSThis week’s episode returns to Eva Mowry of Security First as she recounts the story of an adjuster who assumed control of a tough claims situation when the insured was incapacitated. And, we do mean control.  Imagine for a moment that you are on a business trip and receive news that a tree fell on your property.  That news in itself is sobering, but while racing to get back home, you are involved in a car accident that puts you in the hospital for a few weeks.  Imagine your emotional state.  All you know is your home is damaged but you can’t get there and you’re in a hospital in a strange city and you’re not able to attend to yourself, much less the repairs on your property.  The adjuster in charge of this claim didn’t think twice about essentially moving into the policyholder’s home to ensure the property was secure.  She also coordinated all of the repairs so they were completed before the insured arrived home.  You can only imagine the surprise and delight the insured experienced upon returning home to ….the same home he had left some weeks ago – completely restored.

While many of our upcoming episodes will continue to tug at the heartstrings as this one does, there are other episodes that tug at the stomach.  Yes, the stomach.  We just completed filming a new set of episodes and the stories several of our latest participants narrated made me laugh so hard at times my stomach actually hurt. We’re sure you’ve experienced some of these same scenarios yourself.  As a claims professional, you can only expect the unexpected.

So, stay tuned …. and as always, if you’ve got a deserving colleague or team member, let’s celebrate him or her! Submit your stories here.

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