New York Times Puts a Friendly Face on One of our Own

For insurers, meeting a customer face to face is a rare make or break moment.  That’s because adjusters and claims pros traditionally have a bad rap. The public believes they have to fight with their insurance company for every red cent. We in the industry know this is far from the truth, but negative perceptions die hard. The best we can do is to continue to provide superior service. Another strategy is to educate the public on the great things claims pros do on behalf of policyholders. (Enservio’s “Making it Right” web series takes a large step in that direction.)

05vocations-master675Which is why we are so pleased to see our very own Michael Pelonero honor the claims profession with his brilliant interview with the New York Times. As SVP of Marketing Christine Washburn put it, “Mike’s got a fantastic passion for his job that really comes through in the article.

The profile is part of a series that asks people about their jobs. Michael effectively conveyed the level of empathy, commitment and composure required for the job as an inventory specialist and CAT claims pro. He shared the challenges, recalling a previous claim that involved a block of ice that took over a closet.

Millions of readers opening their papers on Sunday October 5 got a good look at a profession that has largely been lost in the shadows. We know that claims pros everywhere are the silent heroes.

Please take a moment to read “Taking Stock After a Disaster” by visiting

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