Don’t Take It Personal, but Commercial is Not Just About the Stuff

blog-image_2015-01-07It’s Tuesday before Thanksgiving and a request comes in via our website. We’re needed on-site for a new commercial loss. Sewage back-up, retail store; not clear as to the extent of the damage. A quick search on-line and we realize what we have here — a luxury children’s boutique in a high-end area that just got hit with dirty water, right at the heart of the holiday season. This is the policyholder’s busiest season and most crucial time of the year for their business.

We immediately make a call to the policyholder to triage and inform the insured we’re here and we’ve got it. After a thorough conversation to understand the nuances of the loss, we coordinate a time to be on-site. With a looming storm and the holiday upon us we both agree to meet the day after Thanksgiving. The policyholder is relieved we can do this over the weekend, and for the first time in days, she can take a breath. It’s not just about the stuff to her. It’s not just about the stuff to us.

It’s important for any loss to ask questions, both for personal and commercial losses. Questions that, to us, are crucial in right-sizing the effort to ensure the Carrier and the policyholder receive exactly what they are expecting upon completion of the assignment. The type of contents, the line of business and time of year all factor into how we do our job and the level of collaboration we can give and receive with a policyholder. Is it a small landscaping company that just had all their equipment stolen in the middle of spring clean-up and needs this closed in order to keep their laborers working? Is it a Farm that just sustained damage during a storm right before harvest? Or is it a retail store that counts on the holiday sales to keep their staff and doors open during the lean months after the New Year. We get it. We ask these questions every day; not just about the contents, but about the owners, the workers and how best we can accomplish the task of helping them get back to work as quickly as possible.

We do our job so that they can continue to do theirs.

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