Cloud and Mobile Solutions for the Savvy Insurance Pro

blog-image_2015-06-02In the competitive world of insurance, more and more professionals are looking to technology to maximize their efficiency and find new ways of communicating effectively with clients and other stakeholders. There is an app for almost every task, large and small, but you need to choose carefully and have clear expectations to avoid frustration and disappointment.

The holy grail of fast and accurate claims settlement is within grasp for those who find the right apps. Those who succeed will see their ROI flourish, their retention levels soar, and the time and expense of claim settlements diminish.

Here’s a look at some of the smartest apps geared for the insurance pro.

An app for contents management

When in the field, the ContentsExpress Mobile App allows you to submit contents assignments for valuation work from literally anywhere – all you need is a smartphone. It takes less than thirty seconds to snap an image of your inventory header and contents list and send to Enservio to immediately begin valuation of your contents.

The mobile app integrates with ContentsExpress™, the industry’s leading contents management solution which helps claims pros meet and exceed policyholder expectations, expedite settlement and increase efficiency…all that and its mobile friendly!

The TrueLKQ product search engine and AutoLKQ match technology systems allow carriers to easily source “like, kind and quality” (LKQ) items for their clients from a database of 15 million products, maximizing customer satisfaction while minimizing time wastage and reducing the cost of claims.

With ContentsExpress, carriers can take advantage of in-house and third party experts to expand their capacity at times of unexpected demand allowing for flexibility in the face of an often uncertain industry climate. Enservio experts can also help carriers manage recoverable depreciation in a proactive and uniform manner, and control loss adjustment expenses.

Real-time collaboration with policyholders via self-service options — such as the ability to create their own contents inventory and attach photos and receipts — boosts customer satisfaction.

Using Enservio’s Insured Access Portal, policyholders can take ownership of key elements of their own claims (such as contents inventory) maximizing the accuracy and speed of claims settlement, while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction and carrier workforce productivity.

Insurance professionals can also make good use of a number of other smaller, less industry specific apps to maximize efficiency. Here are just a few of our top picks.

Data management apps

Mobidocs (for Android or iPad) is a great app for scanning and transmitting documents. The personal edition is free and very easy to use. However, some of the bonus features in the professional edition are particularly useful for insurance pros — such as signature and stamping within the document, encryption, integration with a number of content managing systems, data extraction and form filling.

There are a number of apps to record phone calls, which can be invaluable when dealing with customers and third party trades and providers. However, please remember that there are legal restrictions in many states on making recordings without prior permission. Google Voice (iOS and Android) is free, but you can only record incoming calls, and have to start the recording manually. TapeACall Pro (iOS and Android) is more expensive than other similar apps, but it records incoming and outgoing calls, and makes high quality recordings which are far easier to transcribe.

Apps in the field

Servpro Ready Plan (for Android and iOS) is an excellent free app for risk assessors, property managers and loss adjusters created by a national provider of fire, water, mold and specialty clean-up and restoration services. The app allows you to create a profile of any commercial or residential premises detailing critical information (such as key contacts, utility shut-off locations and photos of damage) which can speed up response time and mitigate further damage in the wake of a loss event.

Adjusters working in the field will find map apps invaluable in ensuring they reach their destination safely and promptly, whether using public transportation, walking or driving. The obvious choice is Google Maps (also available for iOS devices) which includes turn by turn navigation, offline map caching for areas with poor cellular signal, and a vast continuously updated database.

App for predicting insured events

Arguably the best predictive radar and severe weather warning app is NOAA’s Radar US. You can view animated weather radar images displaying seven day forecasts and current conditions, track storms and receive warnings for a variety of severe weather events. Fast and simple to use, it is a must-have app for loss adjusters which is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Armed with Enservio’s ContentsExpress and just a few of these other great apps you can work smarter, not just harder, and provide the fast and accurate service that your customers deserve and expect.

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