Property Innovation Summit, Day One Recap

PINSBlogProperty Innovation Summit-Day One

An exciting first day at Enservio’s Property Innovation Summit, the property insurance industry’s premier thought leadership conference that brings together senior property executives from the nation’s top insurance carriers for three days of networking, learning and idea sharing.

Rob Chase, Co-CEO of Enservio opened the Summit with introductory remarks and a short animated film by Steven RobJohnson about “where good ideas come from.” Find new ways to connect with peers to find that missing piece that will complete the whole idea. The best ideas take time to incubate and collide with other “hunches.” Create systems that allow parts to essentially become bigger than the whole.

New York Times bestselling business author Don Tapscott, donauthor of 15 books, presented the keynote, Competing in the Second Era of the Digital Age. Don said how the insurance industry “is ripe for change.” He mentioned the importance of turning consumers into “prosumers”, where the customer becomes a producer for the company, citing as an example how Doritos encouraged its customers to submit videos to air during Super Bowl. “Where will the insurance industry find leadership for change? By sharing and collaboration.

After Mr. Tapscott, Jon McNeill, President of Global Sales & Service for Tesla Motors, and Chairman of Enservio’s Board of Directors, took the stage with a presentation on The Impact of Autonomy. Jon projected Tesla’s mission statement as: “To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transportation,” adding how Tesla’s focus on “sustainable energy” is the new guiding principle. The audience was invited to demo the Model S. Fair warning came from Don Tapscott, an owner of a Model S himself, he cautioned everyone by saying: “do not test drive a Tesla, otherwise you’ll wind up buying one.

Following Mr. McNeill, Michael Parrish DuDell, entrepreneur, millennial expert, and the bestselling author of “Shark Tank
Jump Start Your Business,” presented “Winning Millennials: How to Activate and Engage a New Kind of Consumer.” Mr. DuDell’s shared interesting statistics profiling millennials. At 80 million strong, millennials are the largest, most diverse, most educated and most in debt generation in history.” He said, “Be the brand you are, not the brand you want to be”, citing as example the product partnership between Taco Bell and Doritos.

Next up was Gary Sullivan, Vice President, Property & Subrogation Claims for Erie Insurance. He presented, “The Drones are Not Coming, They are Here — How Erie Insurance is using drones and the opportunity in the insurance industry to deploy them.” Mr. Sullivan shared that 380,000 drones are registered in the U.S. versus 321,000 aircraft. And by 2020, as many as 7 million drones will be taking flight. With respect to drones (or UAVs), “It’s important to dream big.”

JoeJoe Theismann, World Champion Quarterback, Broadcaster and Entrepreneur took the stage to wrap up the day. He shared some great words of wisdom such as,
“Train the person behind you to take over your job.” And: “TEAM stands for Together, everyone achieves more.” Mr. Theismann closed by throwing a few spirals to some lucky attendees in the audience, complete with autographs.

Stay tuned for Day 2!

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