Property Innovation Summit, Day Two Recap

PINSBlogThe excitement continued on day two of Enservio’s Property Innovation Summit. Rob Chase once again took the stage to get our second day started.   Alison Levine, Team Captain of the First American Women’s Everest Expedition & Author of the New York Times Bestseller On the Edge: Leadership Lessons from Everest and Other Extreme Environments hinted last night with what we could expect with a response to a tweet on Joe Theismann:  “Well, Joe Theismann may have thrown footballs 2 ya’ll 2 day, but I’m gonna throw snowballs tomorrow!IMG_0272

Alison kicked off today’s presentation “On the Edge: Leadership Lessons from Everest and Other Extreme Environments” with “Getting to the top is optional, getting to the bottom is mandatory.”  The importance of teamwork was also highlighted when she shared “Leadership is realizing that everyone has responsibility for the team and for looking out for each other” and also mentioned you should “Give yourself and your team the freedom to fail.” 

paysuranceToday’s program continued when Alex Punsalan, Vice President, Property and Casualty Claims with Assurant Specialty Property followed with a presentation on The Modernization of Claim Payments. He spoke on benefits of using electronic payments through our Paysurance platform.  He shared that the “processing of checks is slow and expensive, from $7 and up to $25 per, and up to 14 days to deliver” and that “each supplement, unique payee and recoverable depreciation payment requires new checks.”  The results of using Paysurance – an increase in reloads month by month since inception.

CfYOyfaUEAAC0AYAfter Mr. Punsalan, Senior Executive Coach, Successful Business Leader and New York Times Best-Selling Author Mark C Thompson took to the stage with his presentation on Business Transformation: Drive Change and Create a Culture of Innovation.  Mr Thompson shared some interesting statistics about brands and the importance of disruption to help drive change.  Of Forbes list of “Most Admired Companies”, only 1 of 15 stay on the list the following year.  He offered “we should “concentrate on disrupting yourself: “Internalize the willingness to do better.”  “One path to innovation”  he continued, is to “create a new service/product category without putting the overall franchise at risk.”

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