The Case of the Fishy Tank

caseoffishyLavish, private aquariums have become a fashionable trend in recent years amongst the rich and famous. Many celebrity enthusiasts ranging from Chad Ochocinco to Lady Gaga, and even Steven Spielberg (appropriately the director of Jaws) have fueled interest in this unique decorative hobby. The trend has even spawned the reality TV show “Tanked,” which showcases a group that makes custom fish tanks for collectors that cost well into six figures. Continue reading

A Model of Customer Service

When I started as a Pricing Analyst at Enservio back in September, my colleagues kept telling me about “The Moment.” They told me The Moment is what makes working at Enservio more than just a typical job, that it offers an apple-falling-from-the-tree-and-striking-you-in-the-head sense of clarity and purpose. I thought this sounded corny and I was skeptical. It turns out, I was also wrong.

As Pricing Analysts, it is our job to inspect, review, and modify completed claims, calculate recoverable depreciation, and anything else we can do to help the carrier close the claim. Day in and day out we deal in the details of people’s lives as we help them recover after a loss. Continue reading

Our House: Home Insurers and What They’re Accomplishing

Here’s a word you might hear a lot in the insurance business: “bundling.” It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue but it’s, regardless, used often to describe when a customer of a particular insurance company decides to give said company their business concerning multiple insurance policies instead of just one. Generally speaking, it means that someone with a homeowners policy also purchases their automobile (or life, or both, or even more additional options) policy through their initial insurer and creates, along with said insurer, a type of “package” that encapsulates every policy into one large multi-policy. Continue reading

Majority of CEO Policyholders are Confident in Their Homeowners Insurance Coverage

There is good news for insurance carriers. According to a joint survey from NY-based Chartis and Greenwich and Conn.-based The Chief Executive Group, 97.5 percent of respondents said they were confident with their homeowner’s coverage.

Two hundred CEOs were given the survey which asked about their risk concerns for their current personal and family auto, homeowner, household workers, non-profit boards and for-profit boards insurance coverage. Continue reading