All About the Benjamins: The Revolution in P&C Insurance Payouts

Modern business has always evolved around one specific material: paper. And the insurance industry was no exception to this rule. Money is made of paper, first of all. Paper was the surface on which important documents were forged and signed. Paper was also what made up the checks that insureds received in the mail when it was time for any given insurance company to make good on a policy promise.

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Been Caught Stealin’: The Cautionary Tale of Martin Frankel

We’ve talked, on this blog, about insurance fraud many times before. But our focus has always been on a somewhat small scale (think builders who leave with your money before their job is done or a homeowner claiming exaggerated losses after a house fire). Now, however, comes a case where the money laundered is in the hundreds of millions instead of the tens of thousands; where the swindled aren’t unsuspecting insureds, but entire insurance companies across the United States. This is the case of Martin Frankel and his $200 million in stolen loot. Continue reading

Rain, Rain, Go Away: Flooding in New England

Do you love your car? Maybe it has all the bells and whistles and still has that new car smell; maybe it’s an oldie but a goodie that fits like a glove. Although no matter what level of affinity you have for your vehicle, there’s not much of a chance you’d feel the same way after spending hours trapped in it, partially submerged in floodwater, as many Connecticut residents did last week. Continue reading

Enservio CEO Named Innovation All Star from Mass High Tech and Boston Business Journal

This past Friday our CEO Jon NcNeill was named a “Tech Luminary” in the 17th annual Innovation All Stars award, which is given jointly by Mass High Tech (MHT) and the Boston Business Journal (BBJ). As noted in MHT by the editor, Chris McIntosh, the Luminary designations “reflect deep accomplishment in various technology-related industries.” Continue reading

Lesson Learned: The Most Common Misconceptions about Homeowners Insurance

Have you ever encountered a bewildered and bemused insured who was fraught with incorrect information about his or her homeowners insurance? At some point, every adjuster has been there – needing to correct the insured’s misconceptions — hopefully lessening his or her predicament. If you had to name 5 common misconceptions homeowners have about their insurance policies, what would they be? Did they make our list? Continue reading

Can’t Hold Me Down: A Look at the Rebuilding of Joplin, One Year Later

When you hear the name “Joplin,” perhaps a scratchy-sounding soul icon comes to mind. Perhaps you start humming, “Me and Bobby McGee” or “Mercedes Benz.” However, if you live in the continental United States, there’s a good chance you remember a different Joplin first–one that was leveled by one of history’s worst U.S. funnel clouds on record: Joplin, Missouri. Continue reading

What’s Big Data and Why Should Insurance Carriers Care?

Everyone today is talking about “big data” in almost every industry, which begs the question – just what is big data? Getting to the answer depends on the industry and on who you ask. In the broadest sense, big data is about tapping into a wide array of often disparate data sources and using data analytics technologies and tools to extract strategic intelligence. Continue reading

Rainy Summer

It’s been a wet summer. For most coastal residents, there just haven’t been as many beach days as usual. The reason that we all feel robbed of our swimsuit season is that copious thunderstorms have loomed across the continental United States these last few months–carrying disaster with them wherever they go. Continue reading