Climbing for leadership: A Q&A with Everest explorer Alison Levine

2-22-16aClimbing Mount Everest taught Alison Levine how to lead a team in even the toughest of environments.  Alison Levine was team captain of the first American Women’s Mount Everest Expedition and is the author of a New York Times bestseller on leadership. No stranger to punishing environments, she skied both the North and South Poles, survived subzero temperatures, hurricane-force winds, avalanches and a career on Wall Street. Continue reading

Making it Right: The Art of Connecting

This week’s episode of “Making it Right” centers around family. As tight as your family relationships may be, all too often your spouse or children may not know exactly what claims professionals do. I love the way the young son of one of the series participants characterized what his Dad does, explaining that his father  “helps people after a bad weather.” (I’m paraphrasing slightly). But, family members may not always understand the day-to-day aspects of your job, especially given that every day can be different.

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A Model of Customer Service

When I started as a Pricing Analyst at Enservio back in September, my colleagues kept telling me about “The Moment.” They told me The Moment is what makes working at Enservio more than just a typical job, that it offers an apple-falling-from-the-tree-and-striking-you-in-the-head sense of clarity and purpose. I thought this sounded corny and I was skeptical. It turns out, I was also wrong.

As Pricing Analysts, it is our job to inspect, review, and modify completed claims, calculate recoverable depreciation, and anything else we can do to help the carrier close the claim. Day in and day out we deal in the details of people’s lives as we help them recover after a loss. Continue reading

Property Innovation Summit, Day 2

Yesterday, Day 1 of the Enservio Property Innovations Summit focused on how to create environments where innovation flourished. On Day 2, speakers focused on softer skills – how to be physically energized to be innovative as well as how to ensure the geniuses in your organization flourish, among other topics.

Because I’m not good at anything, I was eager to see and hear Tony Schwartz, the best-selling author of “Be Excellent at Anything.” Schwartz, who is a productivity guru (and very tall), focused on why 75 percent of all employees around the world feel disengaged at work every day. Continue reading