How to get Self-Service Insurance Right

MPL GraphicIt’s a competitive market out there. Using aggregators to shop around for the best deals online is a common practice nowadays and it applies to every industry, including insurance. Customers have expectations about self-service offerings, and they’re willing to do some heavy-lifting in return for saving time and hassle.

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Creating a Contents Inventory is Rare

Recently our VP of Claims Jay Straughan had the pleasure of being interviewed by Denise Johnson of Claims Journal. Together, the two commiserated on an all-too-common problem: how unusual it is for homeowners to compile a list of their belongings. Although we instinctively know that every claim process submitted to an insurer would benefit greatly from an accurate inventory, actually creating one is still rare.

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Enhancing the Experience: How Carriers are Changing Contents Inventory Creation for Policyholders

Our recent Product Advisory Group session prompted a lively debate from our carrier customers on the best way to incent policyholders to create their own contents inventory – and preferably pre-loss.

While most of our customers utilize a variety of online tools to help their insureds recreate inventories in both pre- and post-loss scenarios, the usage has been light, with adoption slower than anticipated. Despite warnings to video your home and contents, and lodge the video in a safe deposit box, or to store footage in the cloud, it’s human nature to ignore this step, thinking it won’t happen to you. (Full disclosure – I have not taken this step myself although in writing this, I’m hoping to shame myself into completing my own contents inventory this coming weekend). Continue reading

What We Can Learn from the Red Cross About Disaster Preparations

March is just around the corner, and the US will be entering into National Red Cross Appreciation Month.  It’s a great time to make a donation, send a thank-you to Red Cross first responders or, take a half hour to donate blood, a hallmark of Red Cross support. Along with a show of thanks for an organization that has helped our nation through some tough times——this is also a good month to reflect on other aspects of disaster preparations. Continue reading

Diamonds are Forever (Unless They’re Stolen…)

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings … these are all hallmark gifts in a typical romantic relationship. And, within the extensive world of fine jewelry, there is one common thread: diamonds. Few engagement rings are without diamonds, and it’s hard to imagine a tennis bracelet without diamonds galore. Diamonds are largely known as costly, a girl’s best friend, and a gift that will last forever. In other words, this stone gets a lot of hype.  Continue reading

On Thin Ice: How to Prevent Ice Dams this Winter

It finally happened: it’s cold. Ice cold. The past week has chilled Massachusetts, the home state of Enservio, with single digit temperatures–and the dangerous ice conditions that accompany them.

Ice, besides being the cause of slips and falls in the driveway while you’re getting in and out of your car – is also to blame for the common residential problem of serious leaks, and buckling roofs. ”Ice dams” can happen to any homeowner in possession of a slanted roof.  Continue reading

Happy New Year Resolutions!

Resolved: 3 Tips for Protecting Against Losses Before They Happen

2013 One of the best things about the New Year is that it’s also a fresh start. It’s common for people to set goals for the New Year to better themselves or their situation in some way. One of the most common resolutions year after year, is to get more organized. Accordingly if you listen to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, it’s the perfect time for agents to encourage customers to take a good look at their policies to ensure adequate coverage in 2013. Continue reading