Dealing with Nemo’s Aftermath

With New England and the East Coast bearing the brunt of Nemo this past weekend, it’s important to note that the end of the storm can be just the beginning of additional problems for those affected communities. As those of us in the snow belt know all too well, the aftermath of a winter storm can have an impact on a community for months. Cold temperatures, coastal flooding, and snow accumulations which melt and freeze repeatedly can create additional hazardous conditions. Here are three areas on which to focus ASAP: Continue reading

Sinking Sensation: What Sinkholes Are and How to Avoid Falling in Financially

Fifty years ago, the town of Centralia, Pennsylvania caught fire. And it’s never gone out since.

What started as a small blaze at the local dump ignited a coal seam, and the mine located under the town quickly became engulfed. This was on May 27, 1962, and since that day, the size of the town has steadily decreased from a cozy 1,400 Continue reading

Sometimes You Need More Than a Hurricane Kit

It has been a wild couple of weeks for residents on the eastern seaboard, particularly for many of us here at Enservio Headquarters in the Boston area. We recently experienced a 5.9 magnitude earthquake that shook the earth, homes and offices all up and down the east coast. Then came Hurricane Irene which caused flooding and power outages in homes and businesses due to torrential rains and storm surges. Continue reading