Don’t Take It Personal, but Commercial is Not Just About the Stuff

blog-image_2015-01-07It’s Tuesday before Thanksgiving and a request comes in via our website. We’re needed on-site for a new commercial loss. Sewage back-up, retail store; not clear as to the extent of the damage. A quick search on-line and we realize what we have here — a luxury children’s boutique in a high-end area that just got hit with dirty water, right at the heart of the holiday season. This is the policyholder’s busiest season and most crucial time of the year for their business.

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Thanksgiving: A Time for Family, Food … and Fire Safety

blog-image_2014-11-26Thanksgiving. For one bustling, festive day in November, most of us will gather together with family members over a traditional meal of turkey, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie … among dozens of other customary foods. With all that cooking going on, Thanksgiving has earned itself the reputation of being a dangerous holiday. Sadly, on this day, the rate of kitchen fires in the United States more than doubles.

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New York Times Puts a Friendly Face on One of our Own

For insurers, meeting a customer face to face is a rare make or break moment.  That’s because adjusters and claims pros traditionally have a bad rap. The public believes they have to fight with their insurance company for every red cent. We in the industry know this is far from the truth, but negative perceptions die hard. The best we can do is to continue to provide superior service. Another strategy is to educate the public on the great things claims pros do on behalf of policyholders. (Enservio’s “Making it Right” web series takes a large step in that direction.) Continue reading

Back to School: Educating the Policyholder

Back to SchoolLabor Day weekend. The unofficial end of summer and for many parents and guardians, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” so a certain store jingle goes. Most of the troops will be back to school, and if you’re like me, the house isn’t the only thing a bit emptier.

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3 Easy Ways You Can Prepare for Natural Disasters

Summer is over and the Labor Day celebrations that marked the end of summer should also serve as the kickoff to National Preparedness Month. Although the program has been in effect for a decade, President Obama only recently recognized the month of September as the time to make sure we are prepared for natural disasters, whether that means hurricane, flood, fire, tornado, earthquake, wildfire, etc. In his 2013 disaster readiness proclamation, the President explained,

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Are All These Your Guitars?

As the final month of the summer season, August is traditionally marked by a number of festivals and concerts in outdoor settings such as the popular Lollapalooza in Chicago. While the likes of Lollapalooza are popular with touring musicians and fans like, they are also red flags for thieves.  Every year, you read news articles of touring musicians facing thefts of their gear from their vans with total values ranging up to $80,000.00. The non-professional musician and the collector are just as susceptible. Insurance is a necessity for these valued instruments, and policies are differentiated for the professional and non-professional in many cases to account for this fact. Guitars are a steady commodity in the market. Whether handed-down or purchased, they hold history and value, just as any other collectible. Unfortunately, sentimental value does not figure in determining replacement value.

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