Assessing the Damage When the Levee Breaks

Picture1Many will remember the winter of 2015 as one featuring ice dams, burst water pipes, and the threat of roof collapse. But whether from snowstorm, flood, or leaky plumbing fixture, water damage is an event that occurs throughout the year — accounting for a whopping 22% of all homeowners insurance claims and averaging $4,000 a claim, according to the I.I.I.

That’s why Enservio is pleased to present a 30-minute webinar “Best Practices for Inventorying Contents in Water Loss Claims” this Thursday, April 23 to help claims adjusters assess damages associated with water. Register for this informative webinar by clicking here. Continue reading

PLRB 2015 Claims Conference Recap

blog-image_2015-03-06What a conference!  This year’s PLRB Claims Conference in Anaheim was rife with activity.  Our Enservio team manning the booth was non-stop showing our new ContentsExpress Mobile App, ContentsAnalyzer Fraud detection solution, as well as the latest release of our Contents Management Solution, ContentsExpress.

Monday evening commenced with a Patio Party at Ruth’s Chris Steak House where 100+ shared ContentsExpress Cosmo’s, great food, and great company!

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Great Works of Art or Great Forgery?

The highest price paid for a work of art was $250 million in 2011. Obviously, there’s a lot of money in selling art. Unfortunately this also means there is a lot of money in producing forgeries.

TheProcuress_1490391cOne notable forger sold $60 million worth of phony Vermeers to a slew of people throughout Europe before being caught. When it comes to appraising fine art even the experts can get duped and when they do, buyers pay too high a price.  Continue reading

Only a Rich Man Can Afford Cheap Tools

Humans have been using tools for millions of years and in our modern era there are now tools for every conceivable task. Given this tremendous range of selection, from the common cordless drill to a plumber’s specialized power pipe cleaner, how do insurance claim adjusters get a handle on pricing?  Continue reading

Partnerships, Customer Experience, Awards, Highlight 2014

blog-image_2015-02-17We’d like to take a moment to mention some of our 2014 company highlights.

We were fortunate to sign partnership deals including an agreement with Symbility Solutions to integrate our contents claims valuation software ContentsExpress™ with that vendor’s structural estimating cloud and mobile products. The combined solution creates a single application that adjusters can use to estimate and process both contents and structural claims in one fell swoop.

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Help Policyholders Avoid Roof Collapse

blog-image_2015-02-03New England just got pounded with one of the worst blizzards in recent memory. It was so severe that some parts of the area experienced hurricane force winds and a state of emergency was declared that prompted the deployment of the National Guard to the region to keep order and make sure people stayed safe. Less than a week later, another snow storm dumped over a foot in Massachusetts. The threat of roofs collapsing from the weight of all the accumulated snow is a real and present danger.

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Can you Recognize Contraband?

blog-image_2015-01-14Webinar helps adjusters identify illicit goods

Think “contraband” and a pile of booted DVDs, iPads, Oxycontin and Rolex watches may pop in your head. But for property owners and claims adjusters, a contraband item may be the Persian rug under your feet that was purchased cheaply somewhere after the Iranian trade embargo. If an item is illegal to possess then it’s likely un-claimable.

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